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Covenant and Congregational Vision
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Tahlequah
Covenant: Love is the spirit of this congregation, and service to the universal family is its law. This is our great covenant: To dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, reason and understanding, and to help one another.

Child Care provided on Sundays from 10am to noon.
April 2014
Time for Blossoms
March 30 Steve Staten - A Healthy Congregation

April 6 Rev. Susan Hamilton (streaming)

April 13 TBA

April 20 Rev. Susan Hamilton

April 27 Rev. Susan Hamiltion HOLY HUMOR SUNDAY:

What, you may ask, is “Holy Humor Sunday”? It’s a wonderful time when our Sunday service celebrates the joy of life and the healing power of laughter. You may have been raised to think that laughter was almost sacrilegious within the church–that is Not True. The Hebrew scriptures remind us that “for everything there is a season… a time to weep and a time to laugh.” (Eccl. 3: 1, 4)

May 4 Traci Clark – Flower Communion & 1pm Beltane picnic


The Bargain Bonanza is on the horizon! Please join us Saturday, April 5th in one of our biggest fundraisers each year. Doors will open to the public at 8:00 a.m. Donation drop-off will be Friday, April 4th from 5:00 PM onward. We will need help in the evening setting everything out and making it look fabulous. Please contact Eliz. Montgomery-Anderson at 506-4159 OR to volunteer or coordinate drop-offs.

Sentiments from Reverend Susan Hamilton
We welcome our new minister
First of all, I greatly appreciate the strong support for my becoming your part-time minister. We are a dedicated congregation with great potential and while I bring some experience and skills in ministry, I alone am unable to manifest our potential – however, we are if we work together.
Our congregation has gone through some difficult times of challenge and loss. Several of us still acutely feel the pain from those experiences. As we move forward, healing and rebuilding trust is our primary responsibility. We cannot grow in numbers until we become a place and congregation where people want to be.

OK, nice words. So how do we accomplish this healing? To begin with, we can acknowledge our pain, process our feelings with someone we trust (I’m available), accept our part in the hurtful events, find the lessons in the pain to benefit us, and be willing to move on. That is a simple process, but not easy.
Next, I am drawn to some of the basic principles of Unitarian Universalism. You may already know them if you’re a long-time UU member. As reference, they can be found at the UUA website ( In reviewing these principles, I hope we can learn how to treat one another with acceptance, compassion, and encouragement to grow. When we realize that everyone has inherent worth we are heartened to be respectful. It is not by accident that so many of the world’s religious teachings include some form of the Christian “Golden Rule”: Do to others as you would have them do to you.
We are devoted in our congregation to using the democratic process. Inherent in this pledge are the values of responsibility, transparency, and accountability. Employing those three values in our faith community is essential to rebuilding trust and building democracy. We demonstrate these as members and leaders when we are thorough in our commitments and do tasks to our best ability. Being accountable involves becoming answerable to each other for our actions; the Board to the congregation and member to member. Transparency means our plans and decisions are made known to others. Operating with hidden agendas will NOT build trust or bring healing.
As we continue to work toward a world community in peace, equity, and justice our serving together will rebuild our own gathering and incidentally, attract others to us.
Finally, through it all, I pray we can have a sense of humor. Finding times to laugh together, taking ourselves more lightly, and ‘playing’ together goes a long way to bring healing. Laughter helps heal our physical bodies and it helps our congregational body, too.
My thoughts on how we can manifest our potential are just a beginning. There are plenty more ways we can help rebuild our congregation and I’m ready to be part of our that journey. Please feel free to contact me for a visit by calling my cell phone 916.215.5700, or sending me an email at, or stopping by the church on a Tuesday or Thursday; I’d like to get to know you. Until then, see you on Sundays. Blessings.

The Tahlequah Early Learning Academy needs clothing and other infant-care items, including baby food. Please continue to keep in your mind the needs of the Tahlequah Early Learning Academy, Marnie Cope’s work with them, and our past efforts to provide to the Academy’s children the items that we contribute for their and the Academy’s needs. You can leave items for the Academy in the basket in the foyer. Marnie, thanks, you have done a tremendous job, getting the UUCT/TELA project off the ground and far, far up into the air!!!
UUCT at the Red Fern Festival
April 25 -26, 2014, downtown Tahlequah
The important Red Fern Festival which takes place in Tahlequah each year usually coincided with our annual Spring Rummage Sale. NOT this year, which means we have the opportunity for participation in a special way. UUCT will have booth space at the Festival so we can greet our community, share who we are, tell them about our wonderful congregation, and demonstrate that love is the spirit of this congregation. We’ll have music, things to give away, items to engage young people, and information to provide. If you would like to spend some time in the UUCT booth meeting people and introducing them to our congregation, please see Carl DePaula, Katherine Garlough, or Susan Hamilton. We’d love to have you share in the fun we’ll be having. At the very least, stop by the booth and say ‘hi’. The Red Fern Festival begins Friday evening, April 25 and continues all day on Saturday, April 26. Hope to see you there!

What is the CARE Team? The Care team is anyone with an interest in providing comfort, care or support to any of our members in need. This comfort may come in the form of a nurturing meal at a time of loss or transition, a call or card to offer condolences or encouragement, or even completion of a much needed chore for someone in need. In the past, we have helped arrange memorial services, hosted receptions, provided food for families or individuals, sent cards and made calls to lend support. The Care team does not carry on well without contact. If you know of one of our members in need of a little TLC, please contact Traci Clark and Care Team members will be rallied to meet needs to the best of our abilities. Through the Care Team we are able to continue honoring our interdependent web of love and life

(all in main Sanctuar ~ see calendar for details)
Yoga classes by Dena each Thursday at 9am and 5:30pm
Belly Dance classes by Traci on Teusdays at 6:35pm
Women's Talking Circle by Monisha Monday's at 6:30pm
Tai Chi classes every Monday by Wu at 5:30pm
Senior Tai Chi by Wu on Wednesdays at 10:30am
Advanced Tai Chi by also Wednesdays at 5:00pm
Beginning Tai Chi Wednesdays at 600pm

Community Outreach:

Please remember, too, that Tom Lewis’ men’s shelter, O Si Yo, needs bedding and men’s clothes.

Bible Study for Liberals meets every other Thursday at 7pm at Iris Tate's house. Call 456-4222 for more information.

Meditation Group ~ meets every Wednesday at 12:15pm in the Sanctuary
  April 27, 2014 
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Coffee & Recycling for 2014
be sure to ask....
Coffee Cart – The coffee cart is a wonderful way for us to greet and welcome visitors, and greet and reconnect with each other. Signing up for the coffee cart and preparing it with snacks, juice, coffee and tea is a loving gift to all of us, a brief but much needed way to "feed" the friendly, social being in all of us. Perhaps you have been working on some new recipes and need someone to try them out on. Maybe you found a great cracker or special cheese that you'd like to share with others. You don't have to be a "foodie" or gourmet, though. We simply need something as simple as a bowl of chips or crackers, or cookies or grapes and juice, all great snacks for the sharing process. It's true we've had some fabulous coffee carts for which we've all been blessed, but they really are ALL FABULOUS....why? Because it is from us, for us, and brings us together. There is a very lonely and empty sign-up sheet on a clipboard in the back of the sanctuary, just waiting for your name!


Reminder! UUCT is a recycling community! Thanks to one of our members, we have a blue bin from Tahlequah Recycling (located on the east corner of the building, near the trash can area) for all our recycling needs. The next time a box of crackers, juice box, toilet paper or paper towel roll, plastic bottle, or can is empty (and preferably rinsed as needed and broken down flat) won't you please place it in a bag or box and label it for recycling? There is also a box (that fills up quickly) in the volunteer office for such items. It IS easy being green!


Group Renamed - The Bible for Liberals Group has change the name to the Early Christian History Group as this name more appropriately reflects what we are currently studying. The group meets every other Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. at either Iris Tate's or Rose Reasoner's home. The group just started reading and discussing a new book so this is an ideal time to join the group if you are interested. For more information, please contact Iris Tate at 456-4222 or Rose Reasoner at 458-0886.
(FYI: Rev. Ron Robinson says “FYI - former UUA President John Buehrens author of Understanding the Bible For Liberals, and Jesus Seminar fellow and Tulsan and prof and author Brandon Scott and the president of the national Buddhist Christian Studies Ruben Habito will be among many presenters at this years UUCF Revival/Retreat in Dallas at Horizon UU church in October. Love to see some (UUCT-ers) there.
Literature & Conversation for April 2014
Book Group Apr.15, Tues. 7:00pm
Check for updates of call us at 918-456-4222
Another book group (Bible for Liberals or Early Christian History, depending on the book being read) meets every other Tuesday weather permitting. Contact Iris Tate at 918-456-4222 when weather is questionable or for more information.

Movie night is held the third Friday of the month. It will resume when the video connection is restored.
Women's Sacred Singing Circle
Bring your whole self and join a circle of women to sing simple songs, chants, and rounds that affirm the beauty, strength, power and divinity within each of us. The Singing Circle meets in the Sanctuary on Thursday evenings at 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. For more information, contact Joan Macomber at 860-268-1417
Your help is very appreciated when you notice supply items we need around the church. There is a dry-erase board located in the kitchen and next to the door in the volunteer office to list such needs. Please look around to make certain we don't already have said item (most of our supplies, such as paper towels or coffee are located in labeled cabinets or out in the open).
The Veg Heads
April 5, 2014 - 6pm
It’s for anyone who is already a vegetarian or vegan, or who is interested in moving in the direction of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. We welcome UUCT members, friends, and anyone you know in the community who might be interested in the group. The group will meet once a month for a vegetarian/vegan potluck dinner. We’ll bring our recipes to share, and discuss our successes and challenges of living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle here in Tahlequah. We might also discuss ways to increase community awareness of vegetarian/vegan benefits, and restaurant awareness of how they can become more vegetarian/vegan friendly.
If you are interested,We would like to thank Rev. Doug Inhofe for his years of service to our community. Cally 918-456-7900

Help-In-Crisis ~ Judith Anderson
Humane Society of Tahlequah ~ Gloria Brewster
C.A.R.E. Food Pantry ~ Rose Reasoner/ Tom Newton
Kelly Anquoe - web page, adult forum, art garden (open)
Steve Statton - newsletter
Traci Clark - calendar & Shopper Extraordinaire
Linebarger family - services, child care
Farren Mayfield - music
Please call us at 456-7900 to vounteer and make a difference in our own back yard.

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